Need a long lasting street banner solution?

Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars replacing worn and faded street flags year after year? If so, replace your tired old flags with long lasting PVC Banners flown from the best banner display hardware available, BannerFlex.

BannerFlex allows you to mount banners on buildings, light poles and more with the knowledge your banners will look great for many years.

When you choose BannerFlex you display your banners confidently knowing that they are supported with a proven, patented system that has been wind-force tested up to 160 kilometers per hour. BannerFlex is constructed from corrosion resistant aluminium and high strength fibreglass, you'll never need to worry about parts becoming worn, corroded or needing to be replaced. When you choose BannerFlex, you can rest with the knowledge that you have chosen a banner system that’s built to last.

Why choose BannerFlex?

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